New York University Asian-Pacific American Law Students Association

About us

Community. Diversity. Collaboration.


About Us

The New York University Asian-Pacific American Law Students Association (NYU APALSA) has been serving the needs of the Asian-Pacific American community since 1978. We started with a small handful of students but have grown over the years to become one of the largest student organizations on campus. We value the diversity of our members and are defined by the expansiveness of our member interests, the vibrancy of our community, and the collective achievements of our students.

In the ever-connected society of today, NYU APALSA is committed to keeping an open and welcome environment - one that recognizes that every person is unique and contributes to expanding the collective range of personal experiences and cultural understandings in the NYU legal community. Each year, we continue to build upon our previous experiences and strive to become a beacon of progress to the entire student body and all in the community at large. 



Meet the Board

The APALSA Executive Board is comprised of Elected Chairs who head various Committees. Our Committees program a broad range of community, academic, political, networking, and social activities. By facilitating collaboration with internal and external organizations, we are dedicated to promoting the cross-pollination of ideas, and provide members with venues through which to formally address issues and make their voices heard.

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