New York University Asian-Pacific American Law Students Association



New York University Asian-Pacific American Law Students Association

As one of the largest student organizations on campus, APALSA is defined by the expansiveness of our member interests, the vibrancy of our community, and the collective achievements of our students.  We value the diversity of our members, who offer an astonishing range of personal experiences and cultural understandings. Everyone is welcome as we hope to create an open environment and encourage a collaborative community while maintaining our individual uniqueness.

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What We Do

Professional Networking

Throughout the year, we hold various networking events that span a wide array of practice areas so that all students are accommodated. From private practice panels to public interest programs to academia, we make sure that all student interests are considered.

Mentorship Programs

For budding lawyers getting ready to enter into the profession, we cannot overemphasize the importance of making lasting connections and learning from those who came before us. We provide opportunities for students to meet with upperclassmen and alumni who can serve as mentors in school and in life.

Public Interest Outreach

We at NYU APALSA understand that we have been beneficiaries of society and recognize the importance of giving back to our communities. Through voter registration drives and community volunteering, we hope to become the voice of those who go unheard.

Admissions Outreach

Though studying starts in the fall of 1L year, the law school experience starts upon admission into the law school. Our goal is to help ease the transition into law school and welcome the incoming students into our family.

Social Events

Law school can be an extremely stressful ordeal, especially as a first year student with the pressures of getting a job. Through mixers, winter retreats, and other social events, we help ease some of the stress so that we can come out of law school with memories beyond the library.

Academic Discourse

Great strides have been made over the course of American history regarding greater inclusivity in our society. However, there are still a great many steps to take in reaching true equality, especially in the legal profession. NYU APALSA provides a forum every year to address these issues and present Asian American perspectives on the law.



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